Spring Break Weekend comes to an end


2018 Spring Break Weekend is officially over and the months of planning by Biloxi city officials seemed to have paid off. However, severe weather on the Coast did make a huge impact on the number of people originally expected.

Empty bottles and trash along the beach on Highway 90 is all that is left of Spring Break Weekend and despite heavy rains and high winds on Saturday, city officials still consider this year a success. City of Biloxi Public Affairs Manager Vincent Creel said, “We thought things went very well for this Spring Break Weekend. We think the traffic plan worked really well. We want to thank everybody for their cooperation. We did not have to vent traffic one time and that’s what a lot of people were worried about, what if they end up in Gautier or Bay St. Louis?”

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Major Chris De Back with Biloxi PD said, “Everybody was real polite and we didn’t have major issues and everybody was here to have a good time and be safe. We chose different times to implement different parts of the traffic plan and it went real well. People listened and cooperated.”

Officials originally expected around 100,000 people, but due to weather only about 30,000 showed. “The weather impacted the number of hotel rooms. Going into the weekend there was a 90 percent occupancy rate. There were very few rooms available. When Friday got here, we saw about one thousand cancellations so that meant we were going to have fewer people here,” said Creel.

While the majority of spring breakers were well behaved, Biloxi police are investigating a few incidents involving shots fired at Edgewater Mall. “In some of those incidents, we did find somebody that ended up having a gun, but it is unknown if they are related to the shooting or not. There were several guns that were taken over the weekend, whether it was arrests or whatever it was,” said De Back.