Biloxi River overflows during weekend


Gulfport residents living along the Biloxi River are now facing the consequences of the weekend’s severe weather.

“We are living on the water. We know we need to move, but everybody was like ok. Everything is ok. Nope, it wasn’t. It just came down very fast.”  For 33 years, Susan Kallas has been dealing with the annual floods that come with living on the Biloxi River.  She says not even her experience in the area could have prepared her for the flash flooding that washed out her neighborhood over the weekend. “No alerts came through to say move. There was nothing so we didn’t know to get out.”

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Early Sunday morning, the 12 foot flood stage for the Biloxi River quickly rose to nearly 17 feet, rushing several feet of water onto people’s properties. “My neighbors next door lost three vehicles. Two of my neighbors on this other side lost two vehicles.”

In a quick three hour span, the water swept through the neighborhood, leaving destruction in its path. “Gardens have been washed out. They don’t tell us until the very last minute. I’ve got my whole garden planted and next thing you know it’s all in somebody else’s yard.”

Kallas tells News 25 that even though the city doesn’t do much to help them with the aftermath of the floods, the community usually comes together to help one another. “We take care of each other.”

Kallas says the city must also do its part to help prevent the damage that comes with the floods. “They need to clean the Biloxi River out so it can flow. There are so many dead trees and stuff in there. It just backs everything up.”