04/16 Ryan’s “Great Start” Monday Evening Forecast


We’re off to a great start this week! Saturday was rough as the severe weather rolled through, bringing at least one moderately strong tornado and a few waterspouts in the afternoon. Sunday was breezy and cool, and the sky cleared rapidly leading to today’s gorgeous weather. These conditions will linger for quite some time too! Expect dry, sunny weather all workweek long with only a small “pop” of cloud cover Wednesday night/Thursday morning as a weak front moves in. It won’t stay this cool/mild all week though, as we’ll see the temperature rising to 80 and beyond as that boundary moves in, but we’ll cool slightly into the weekend. Our next active weather looks like it will move in Sunday night/Monday morning and will bring a few showers, but isn’t looking severe at this time. Afterwards we’ll head into next week with sunny skies and warm temperatures.