White supremacist flyers passed around Ocean Springs


Several people have reported seeing or receiving white supremacist flyers in Ocean Springs.

The flyer is addressed to all white people in Ocean Springs, Mississippi with a YouTube link that leads to a video named “Diversity is a weapon against white people.” It asks “at what point will non-whites and communists be satisfied?” The flyer in part says: “taking down the state flag is just the beginning. There is no end to this until you are dead.”

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Mayor Shea Dobson released a statement saying: “More racist cowards. Whoever is responsible for distributing the hate needs to stay out of our beautiful city. Anyone who buys into this idea of racial purity is an absolute fool and blinded by hate. News flash: my family tree isn’t all white so if you racists want to hate someone, hate me. Ocean Springs residents are loving and compassionate and will not buy into some idiots who only want to stir the pot.”