Lil’ Boosie boycotts Black Beach Weekend


Hip hop star Lil Boosie is taking to Instagram, asking his fans to boycott the Black Spring Break event happening on the Mississippi Gulf Coast this weekend.

Last year, the rapper filed a lawsuit against Dillards and the Biloxi Police Department after he was pepper-sprayed by a mall security guard after performing at last year’s Spring Fest at the coliseum. Back in March, Boosie made a post on his Instagram account that said, “No Black Beach 2018.”

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Since then, the rapper has uploaded multiple posts, claiming the event is racist, saying that Biloxi is “no safe place to be for no successful black man.”

News 25 spoke to Maurice Bryant, a promoter with Black Beach Weekend, who comments on the recent feud. “We don’t have an issue with Lil Boosie or his group. So we don’t understand where that’s all coming from. In fact, we actually made a statement in support of his claim and we were definitely against what happened to him. We are kind of shocked at the post ourselves.”

The post was uploaded on the Biloxi Black Beach Weekend Instagram account over the weekend. Bryant tells News 25 it has since been deleted in efforts to avoid any negative talk surrounding the event.