One Loud Voice Conference


Hundreds of law enforcement officials, social workers, and prosecutors and more gathered at the Golden Nugget in Biloxi for one common purpose: to help children in our state who are dealing with abuse.

It’s all part of the One Loud Voice Conference, a multi-disciplinary approach to child abuse. The conference is now in its fifth year. Hundreds of responders who attended the event strive to work in sync to help children dealing with a traumatic experience. Children’s Advocacy Centers of Mississippi Executive Director Karla Tye said, “It can be very confusing for a child and a family when there’s been an allegation of abuse and so there are a lot of individuals who need information from that child and they’re trying to work within their systems and their mandate under the law. Ultimately they need information about those children and families and we want to make it as easy as possible on them and put the burden on the professionals responding to work collaboratively in the best interest of the children.”

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The Conference is put on by Children’s Advocacy Centers of Mississippi. For more information on how you can help abused children in the state visit