Residents of the gulf coast have always cherished the live oak tree as an icon of grace, strength and commitment.
And that’s just what officials with Hancock bank were doing in ocean springs this afternoon as part of their 10-10-12 program.
The program is designed to plant 10 trees, in 10 different communities along a 12-month span.
Today the bank donated 10 live oaks to the inner harbor park in ocean springs, as aldermen with the city as well as Mayor Shea Dobson dug holes to plant the trees.
Mayor Dobson says a park like this most people may not even come to the park, some people don’t even know this park is here, but just projects like this where we can really show that we value, whether it be in the middle of downtown or if its something in a park or something on the outskirts of town we want to make sure that the people know this is something we value.
Hancock bank also works with the land trust for the Mississippi coastal plain on a memorial program, which allows community members the opportunity to purchase a live oak planted in honor of someone you admire or in memory of someone important to you.


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