Tired Dog Rescue t-shirt contest


Tired Dog Rescue is calling on all children 12 and under for some help.
The Gulfport based small breed rescue service is enlisting help from kids from all over the Coast to come up with the new 2018 t-shirt design. To qualify you must submit a drawing on an 8 by 10 paper or canvas of you and your furry friend and include a short story about why you love your dog.
Winners will receive a gift card to Toys R Us and a free t-shirt with your design on it. Tina Gabriel with Tired Dog Rescue said, “When you rescue a dog and majority of the time they come from horrible conditions and go to rehab and they get medical treatment and they get healthy and then we find these perfect homes for them. It’s amazing the stories that come back to us of the difference that they can make in their lives and of course in the rescue dog’s lives.”
The contest runs from March 1st through March 31st.

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