Peru president signaled for taking money from Odebrecht


Accusations of corruption are again enveloping Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski after a high-ranking executive from scandal-plagued Brazilian builder Odebrecht allegedly said he contributed money to the leader’s 2011 campaign.

The allegations against Kuczynski were made Wednesday by a lawyer for opposition leader Keiko Fujimori who was present at a deposition Wednesday with Jorge Barata, the former head of Odebrecht in Peru.

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The lawyer said Barata also told prosecutors that he gave money to members of Fujimori’s party.

It was not clear if the alleged contributions were illegal.

Kuczynski narrowly escaped impeachment in December over accusations that he lied about earlier consulting work for Odebrecht and he says he never received any contributions from Barata.

At least three other Peruvian presidents have been implicated in the widening Odebrecht scandal.


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