Turkey Creek Project community meeting


A proposed project to develop north Gulfport’s Turkey Creek watershed has been in the works since late 2015. Tonight, the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality hosted a community update meeting at the Isaiah Fredericks Community Center in Gulfport where they shared their proposed plans for the area that has been infamous for both flooding and pollution.
“It’s extremely important because my house flooded. I had to tear it down and elevate it after Katrina.”
Turkey Creek has inconvenienced residents living near the area, but now the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality has received a $7.5 million grant that will help ease some of the flooding and water quality concerns. MDEQ Office of Restoration Director Chris Wells said, “This funding that’s being provided by the National Fish and Wild Life Foundation Gulf Environmental Fund, it’s an opportunity to fund some of the work that these folks have been wanted to see done for a long time.”
During the next couple of months surveys and studies will be conducted in order to analyze the area and come up with an accurate plan to restore and conserve Turkey Creek. During tonight’s meeting MDEQ welcomed the Environmental Management Services as the group that will be working on the project. “Well this particular project there is flooding issues we hope to address through this and there’s historical water qualities, just restoring the natural conditions of the creek will help improve all of that,” said Wells.
Wells say there are two components to the project. They will be conserving and managing habitat on the land along the creek as well as working on the creek its self where they will be de-snagging, getting rid of log jams, and litter as well as restoring fish habitat. Gulfport Councilwoman Ella Holmes-Hines said, “This project is one that is huge because it gives hope that we are starting a process. $7.5 million from NFWF will make a difference in our area for restoration, storm banks, as well as trying to get some of the debris out of the creek.”
The Turkey Creek Project is expected to be completed towards the third quarter of 2019.