Bartender at Sipps Bar receives unusual phone


Last week, Kara Coley, a bartender at Sipps Bar, received an unusual phone call that has now gone viral across the world after she posted to Facebook about a mother who had a question about her son.
Coley explains the unknown mother called asking first if Sipps was a gay bar to which she replied “it’s an everyone bar, but, yes most of our customers are gay.” The mother proceeds to ask Coley if she is gay and then asks “what is one thing you wanted to hear from your parents when you told them you were gay?” The mother was asking this because her son had just come out to her.
News 25 reached out to Coley about her response. “I was like probably that I was loved and accepted and she said ‘okay, that’s it?’ and I was like, yeah, you just let your kid know that he’s loved and accepted and I said ‘wait, do you accept it? That’s not an issue for you.’ And she said ‘no, I just want him to be happy.’ And I said ‘well, you just need to let that baby know that he’s loved and accepted and everything is going to be fine.’”
Radio stations and news articles have been written all over the world of Coley’s kind advice, stretching from Australia to France and New Zealand. Coley says she has yet to find out who the woman is, but she says she feels good about helping her out.