Win Job Center career fair


Today, the Win Job Center in Gulfport hosted a job fair.
Win Job Centers are service centers that offer programs and resources geared toward job seeking. They welcome people who are in the search of a job to come by and speak with employment experts about job placement assistance, job and skill training, and many other valuable services.
Twenty-three year-old Abdullah Johnson took part in the job fair today and told News 25 that when looking for a job he was not going to be picky. “A job that pays right now, no place to be picky or choosy. I am good at detailing cars. I’m good at dish washing. I have done that before. I worked on the crew at Wendy’s. I have not been looking that long, but as soon as it was time to find out I was on it. I just started looking for another job. I was working at Enterprise.”
There are 43 Win Job Center locations in the state of Mississippi.

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