Jonathan Holder striking out cancer


On Saturday, New York Yankees pitcher and Gulfport alum Jonathan Holder hosted a fundraiser camp at St. Patrick High School.
The session was $100 to attend and one hundred percent of those proceeds will go directly towards Hope Broadus and Sumner Holland and their respective fights against cancer.
Hope is Holder’s 22-year-old cousin and is battling glioblastoma while the two-year-old Sumner is in a fight with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. “I’m telling you they love competition. It really brings the smiles and the laughter in the kids and it is fun to watch and it is fun to be a part of. Hopefully, this can open a door for a lot of fundraisers down here. I hope to do this every year if we can and keep it going and support kids in the community and people in the community that need help. Hopefully everybody takes from this and realizes that giving back is the key to everything here,” said Holder.
Holder said even though the morning was a little chilly they still had about 50 kids come out to the event.

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