Gulfport alum, Yankees pitcher hosts fundraiser camp


On Saturday, New York Yankees Pitcher Jonathan Holder took a stand in the fight against cancer alongside his 22-year-old cousin Hope Broadus and the two-year-old she used to babysit, Sumner Holland.
The former Gulfport Admiral used his influence as a professional athlete to host a fundraiser camp in their honor and the response was tremendous.
St. Patrick High School was the site of Jonathan Holder’s Strikeout Cancer Camp and those who attended loved every second of it. “I’m telling you, the competition, they love competition. It really brings the smiles and the laughs out in the kids, and it’s fun to watch and it’s fun to be a part of,” said Holder.
Somewhere in the ballpark of 50 kids, ages 9-17, came out to support and even more than that made their donations, but had second thoughts due to the cold weather. “Oh, it’s great. It’s chilly out here but everybody is out here having a great time, and it’s a beautiful day to be out here playing some baseball and raising some money for a couple of great kids.”
And what would the camp be without the man of the hour making a guest appearance with his light up shoes, alongside his Miss Hope. “My name is Sumner Holland. (And this is Hope.) That’s Hope.”
“(Can you say you love Miss Hope?) I love Miss Hope. Aw. (Don’t put that in your mouth.)”
Hope and Sumner make a pretty good team as perhaps the most adorable interview duo of all-time and two fighters that inspire one another to keep fighting. “We want to thank everyone that came out today in this cold weather, it means a lot to us. He means a lot to me.”
“I’m thankful that they could come out here and see the support that they have and feel the love from the community and just excited and blessed to be here.”
Holder says he hopes to turn his clinic into an annual event and has a strong message for the need for further support in this battle. Sumner already approves. “Yeah, hopefully everybody takes from this and realizes that giving back is the key to everything here. And everybody out here has done a great job of giving back and knowing what the cause is for and it’s been a fantastic day.”
Holder says they’ve yet to tally up the final donation, but guesstimates somewhere between five and ten thousand dollars.

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