First Gulfport baby born in 2018


The New Year started with a big blessing for one Gulfport family.
News 25 caught up with the parents of Willow Jade Allen, the first baby girl to be born in Memorial Hospital in 2018.
“She was just beautiful, just completely beautiful and perfect.” 2018 started on a positive note for Alicia and Aron Allen. At about 6:36 a.m. on January 1st, baby Willow Jade Allen made her grand entrance to this world. “She’s nine pounds, three ounces. She was a very quick labor. We were in the labor delivery room for about three hours and then she came out perfect,” said Alicia.
Alicia’s due date was set January 14th, but Baby Willow decided she wanted to be part of the New Year celebration. Aron said, “I was actually hoping for a New Year baby because my wife was getting pretty big. It looked like she was carrying two babies in there. I was hoping if she was going to go early, it would be New Year’s Day.”
Although they couldn’t make it to the party, the party came to them. Willow celebrated her first day with a festive New Year’s hat, as well as a decked out gift basket from Memorial Hospital for being the first baby born in 2018. “It is very exciting. Everybody is so ready to celebrate and talking about how she will have a birthday party every year and I don’t have to worry about it.”