Mississippi State OL projected as second rounder in 2018 NFL draft


Martinas Rankin came to Mississippi Gulf Coast undersized and under-recruited out of high school, but both of those things changed during his time at Perk, paving the way for his future at Mississippi State and beyond.
According to NFL Draft Scout, Rankin is projected to go in the second round of the 2018 NFL Draft and possibly even the first as the third ranked offensive tackle on the board.
Almost hard to believe for a kid that had to gain upwards of 45 pounds with the Bulldogs, but the talent was always there.
So was his drive to be the best on and off the field, according to his former O-line coach, Les George. “Off the field, he’s the nicest guy you’ll ever meet. Give you the shirt off of his back, help you change your tire if you’ve got a flat. But on the field, after that ball is snapped and you’re wearing an opposite colored jersey, it’s on. It don’t matter.”
Rankin said, “Guys that succeed in the NFL are guys who all just always work hard and they’ve got the talent. But at the same time they work hard to keep themselves at that level. Because at that level it could end at any moment, if you go in there being too complacent there’s another guy that’s working just as hard to get your job. So, I guess that’s my mindset is to just to keep working.”
Rankin didn’t have any division I offers coming out of high school.

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