Taking a trip back in time


If you’ve traveled along Highway 90 in Biloxi, you might have noticed a few older ships docked.
It is not 1492 and Christopher Columbus did not land in South Mississippi, but two of the ships used in his voyage across the Atlantic have docked in Biloxi. Residents are taking the opportunity to see the 15th century replicas of the Nina and the Pinta. Ocean Springs resident Donald Delcid said, “Having the ships here in Biloxi is really fascinating. You had them at first hand. Today was special, foggy, no shadows. See their silhouette on the nice, calm waters and visiting dolphins. That was really very, very beautiful.”
The ships, which were completed in 1991, were built in Brazil and travel across the United States in what is called America’s Great Loop. Kat Wilson with the traveling museum tells News 25 when the ships dock in a new city most people are surprised with the size. “When you see the movies and the other examples of tall ships it’s usually from a few hundred years after this time frame so they’re much larger, a little more ornate, designed for what you typically see them doing.”
The ships used to sail across the Atlantic in the 1400s were smaller than what we’re used to nowadays, the smallest being the Nina spanning 65 feet from bow to stern. It housed 24 men ranging from a very young age of 13 to 19.
The vessels will sail out of South Mississippi Tuesday morning where they will start their next journey to Alabama.


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