A Day In The Life Mississippi


News 25’s Caroline Eaker spoke with a local who joined a group of other Mississippians as they decided to celebrate the birthday and the state in a special way.

Sunday dozens of Mississippi photographers, like Gulfport native Tim Isbell, celebrated the state’s 200th birthday in the best way they knew possible, and created a day of visual history by taking to all corners of Mississippi and documenting the people and places that make this great state our home.

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“I’m a history nut so being able to participate in something that celebrates a historic event like a 200th birthday that was an honor to do so.”
– Tim Isbell Mississippi Photographer

“And since this event was to celebrate 200 years of Mississippi photographers wanted to capture the true essence of the state in their pictures.”
– Caroline Eaker News 25

“I wanted to show the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We wanted to shot pictures of people and that was good. At 1 am in the morning there were some people on the beach sitting near a bonfire playing guitar and it was totally spontaneous moment and playing bongo drums and we sat out and I listened to songs and guitar playing which was a great moment.”
– Tim Isbell Mississippi Photographer

The photos that may be collected for a book in the future aimed to capture a glimpse of life in the magnolia state and Isabel had a tactic that he used to make sure that he showed off show unique life in Mississippi is.

“You always know what the other photographers are going to be getting because they are in a clump together and he said look at the photographers and see where they are at and then go where they aint. So go where they aint.”
– Tim Isbell Mississippi Photographer

In Gulfport Caroline Eaker News 25