2nd Gulf Coast Marathon In The Books


The second ever Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon is in the books and 3,824 runners have crossed the finish line in Biloxi… But it’s likely that they’re not quite *finished* with the gulf coast.

The annual event has been well received by local businesses and runners alike, and both parties are reaping the benefits of the marathon.
Race officials and city leaders along the race course have found that the area is not only prime for running long distance, but also self-promoting from a tourism standpoint.

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“Last year had 42 states represented, this year had 46 including Canada.. the event is growing, our hotels are full, our restaurants are full… and again like i said folks are coming down here and participating in an event but they’re also seeing a place to come visit with their families.. Tourism.. 26 miles of beach and the islands and all this development taking place.. Great beautiful scenery, The live oaks. It really doesn’t get much better. ”
– Chris Vignes City Of Gulfport Public Affairs

The fastest completion time recorded in this year’s marathon was 2 hours, 28 minutes, 43 seconds.
The average time for finishers was 4 hours and 34 minutes.