Wounded woman drops 'bump stock' maker from Vegas shooting lawsuit


The “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign is surrounded by flowers and items, left after the Oct. 1 mass shooting, in Las Vegas on Oct. 9, 2017. Steve Marcus / Las Vegas Sun via Reuters

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“We will give our response through the appropriate legal channel,” she said.

Live Nation and Slide Fire Solutions did not immediately respond to emails seeking comment.

Live Nation, of Beverly Hills, California, has previously expressed sorrow that people were “forever impacted by this senseless act of violence.”

Authorities say shooter Stephen Paddock killed himself before officers reached his room. A motive for the deadly rampage has not been identified.

The lawsuit by Sheppard, of Tehachapi, California, is one of several filed in Nevada and other states.

One set of cases was filed last month in Los Angeles by Houston-based attorneys on behalf of some 450 plaintiffs.

Image:Windows are broken at the Mandalay Bay resort