Will there be a snow day?


With all this talk of snow, we’re sure the kids of the Mississippi Gulf Coast are hanging on the edge of their seats, waiting to hear those two precious words “school is canceled.”
Today, News 25 sat down with representatives from the Harrison County School District to talk about the process of determining whether or not conditions might prevent their schools from opening tomorrow morning.
Assistant Superintendent Mitchell King wants parents and students to rest assure that we’ll know if schools will plan to open tomorrow as soon as possible. “We’re monitoring it right now, hourly. We hope that we can make a decision by the end of the day. A lot of times with bad weather days, we have to make the decisions early in the morning and then get the information out, but with forecasts coming in now as they are, we are going to monitor it all day and if we have the proper information we are going to try to make the decision by this afternoon so we can let the parents know.”
The decision is expected to come down around 5 this afternoon. Mitchell also added that in the event of a snow day, Harrison County schools will have to select a day to make it up later this year.