Keeping plants warm in the cold


The temperatures are dropping and many plants need an extra layer of winter protection.
The employees at Fazzio’s Farm and Home Center took time to tell News 25 a few tips to make sure that your plants stay healthy and safe even with the frigid temperatures. They say that covering your plants and bushes with Christmas lights can not only look great and be festive, but they can help add warmth to your plants and keep them alive.
They tell News 25 that the best thing to do is to cover your plants. Fazzio’s employee Devon Cuevas said, “You can use a sheet. Don’t use plastic because it’s not breathable and then the condensation from the plants evaporates all the water and releases it and everything it can stay in there and form icicles in the plastic. If they can’t breathe properly then they will die anyways because they are suffocating.”
Fazzio employees also say that a good way to protect your plants is to cut up a pool noodle and wrap it around a tree trunk. This can also keep your pipes warm.