White Pillars back in business in Biloxi


For more than five years, residents on the Coast have waited for the historic White Pillars restaurant to reopen. Tonight, those residents got their wish.
The restaurant hosted its soft open tonight with guests including family and friends. If you’re familiar with the restaurant then certain items on the menu won’t change like the famous eggplant Josephine.
Chef Austin Sumrall will be adding a bit of his own touch to the cuisine. “Opening this restaurant has been a lifelong dream of ours and highlighting Mississippi cuisine and heritage is something we’ve always been passionate about. It’s a historic building and setting to accomplish that and it was the icing on the cake. We’re just excited, first night of service and it’s been pretty fun so far.”
Sumrall’s wife, Tressie, says the couple values their Mississippi heritage from the ingredients all the way down to their Mississippi made plates.