Removal of historical Lovers Lane trees


Yesterday, the Ocean Springs Board of Alderman voted to cut down a very popular tree on Lovers Lane.
“We put a lot of consideration into this. We tried to save the tree.” It wasn’t an easy decision for the board of alderman and it wasn’t the first time they voted to cut down the beloved Lovers Lane oak tree. In 2015, they voted to axe it down, but because of residents protests they decided to monitor its growth instead.
Now, two years later, Alderman Ricky Authement says the tree has become a public safety issue and must come down. “Well, the tree as it is growing is basically dropping. The weight of the tree is making it come down closer to the road and the cars are having to veer to the left or to the right whichever way to get away from the tree when they come down the street.”
Authement says the decision to cut down the tree was made after an accident a few weeks ago where a truck hit bollards near the tree and busted a diesel tank. “If this truck would have been a gasoline truck, these homes would have caught on fire.”
One resident said, “Well, I’m not for cutting the tree down, but I am for taking it down for safety reasons. It’s a safety problem. The fire trucks can get through here, but they can’t even go the speed limit to get to my house.”
Although, the board is saying they’re cutting down the tree for obvious safety reasons, a lot of residents in the area do not agree with that decision. Ocean Springs resident Chase Sekul said,“I was kind of upset because it’s like a staple for our street. They’ve already proven that emergency vehicles can make it through with clearance and now all of a sudden the tree needs to be cut down again. It’s history. It’s amazing they live to be that old.”
Residents also say they fear this could be the first of many trees to come down which could depreciate their homes. For now, there is no set date to cut down the tree.