Poetry Café at D’Iberville Middle School


Students took a break from the classroom this afternoon to show off their poetry skills.
Students at D’Iberville Middle School took a break from the classroom to channel their inner poet at their annual Poetry Café. Seventh grade teacher Chassidie Bourriague said, “This is a way students can see it as something fun and they get out there and find a poem on the internet that speaks to them and they bring it to share with their peers.”
Something the seventh graders at D’Iberville Middle School have looked forward to for years. Seventh grader Ian said, “It’s a wonderful thing to be surrounded in such an atmosphere. It’s a great way to usher in the Christmas season.”
Seventh grader Dylan said, “It was good because I felt like I could present it and it would be a nice way to do it since everybody can hear it and analyze it.”
Bourriague tells News 25 this is not only a good time for the students, but it also broadens their horizons. “Reading poetry, a lot of the poems include vocabulary that are not a part of the kind of things that kids read every day. It broadens the words that they are exposed to. It broadens the different authors that are out there.”
A handful of students even presented their own pieces. Seventh grader Andra said, “I like writing poetry because it’s a way to escape school and all the stressful things around me. It’s relaxing.”
Teachers are hoping to use opportunities like this to make learning fun and help open their eyes to a whole new world. “One of the kids mentioned today ‘hey, I didn’t realize there are so many books that have poems in them’ just because our librarian had some sitting out while they were sipping their coffee to look at. So, I think it opens kids up to opportunities for them to get out and get more books which in turn gets them reading. So, if they get out there and get more exposure and do it because it’s fun then they will become more apt at it in the classroom,” said Bourriague.