Saints kick start new streak versus Panthers


When the New Orleans Saints started their eight-game winning streak back in September, they did so with a victory over the Carolina Panthers. On Sunday, the Black and Gold started a new streak by taking down those same Panthers yet again.
It didn’t take the Saints very long to get back in the win column following their week 12 loss to the Rams, sweeping the season series over the Carolina Panthers by virtue of Sunday’s 31-21 victory.
It’s crazy to think that a team that went more than two months without losing still had to win this game to remain in first place atop the NFC South standings and that’s exactly what the Saints did on Sunday, behind yet another stellar ground attack behind two players that now prefer to do their post-game interviews together. “Savage. Savage. Savage, just cold blooded.”
“It don’t matter, man. We go both ways I think. We go hand in hand, bro. If I’m punishing them, hitting it downhill, hitting them in the mouth and he comes in and goes around the edge and he breaks tackles and he’s making people miss, scoring touchdowns, man, we both benefit, man. We’re trying to be the best ever.”
Wide receiver Michael Thomas said, “Looking at the game and looking at both teams, Carolina took a guy with the eighth pick that played a similar role as him. And we got Kamara in the third round, and he’s proving a lot. A lot of people passed on him, and I feel like he runs like that. He’s trying to prove a point.”
“During the game you’re not really looking at what the stats are and how many yards and this and that, I’m just trying to make plays. Mark is just trying to make plays, Drew is just trying to make plays, everybody is just trying to make plays.”
Quarterback Drew Brees said, “There’s still things that I feel like we’re leaving out there, opportunities that we’re leaving out there that if we want to accomplish and go where we want to go then we’ve got to improve upon and get better at those things. But when you can walk away from games saying that and yet you still won, that’s a good thing. I mean the bottom line is the attitude has always got to be man, we’re hungry and we are striving to find our best performance.”
“One of those things where like you just want it to keep going, you don’t want it to ever end. So we’re just going to keep it moving, and keep enjoying each other.”
Now a few nuggets from Sunday’s win, one being Alvin Kamara has now scored a touchdown in six consecutive games. The only other Saints players to have done that are Pierre Thomas, Jimmy Graham, and Dalton Hilliard. Speaking of Thomas, Mark Ingram also passed him on the all-time total yardage list in Saints history and then Drew Brees passed Peyton Manning in all-time completions.
The only person Brees is still chasing is Southern Miss legend Brett Favre.