Relief efforts in Texas


A crew with the Biloxi Fire Department is on the road to Rockport to get a head start in relief efforts in Texas.
Recruits packed the trailer alongside the two men traveling to Rockport with 12 mattresses, a refrigerator, tent, dozens of cases of water, and other supplies. The two men are leaving a day ahead of the team to set up camp and meet with representatives of the city as well as members of a fire department from Iowa.
Together, they hope to help other first responders who worked tirelessly to rescue thousands of people after Hurricane Harvey. Biloxi Fire Deputy Chief John Jennings said, “They got hit very hard there. It’s a volunteer department. I’m not sure how big it is, but all of them have damage and what we discovered after Katrina, it’s hard to keep working and worry about your own place as well so if we can help them in a little way so they can keep working. They’re volunteers so they have other jobs they need to get back to plus do their fire department duties so if we can help them in any way with their houses that’s the goal.”
The rest of the team pulls out of Biloxi early tomorrow morning. They plan to stay in Texas until next Saturday.


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