Mississippi Municipal League Conference


If you have ever thought about running for office, you might not want to miss the three day event going on in Biloxi.
Twenty five hundred people from all over the state gathered at the Coast Coliseum in Biloxi for the first day of a three day get together. Former Mississippi Municipal League President Jimmy Clyde said, “There’s probably about 70 different workshops here from legal issues to land use issues to ethics issues to accounting issues.”
The 86th annual Mississippi Municipal League Conference focuses on statewide topics while educating newly elected officials. Canton Mayor William Truly said, “We wanna learn as much as we can. How to improve the spirit and soul of our constituents. We want to learn how to improve their quality of life particularly how it relates to building and revitalization.”
From the thousands at the Coast Coliseum, most are elected officials from the state, but some are non-elected officials from outside the state. Charles Ray with PPM Consultants said, “We support local governments to obtain Brownsfield funding from the Environmental Protection Agency and provide technical assistance in cleanup assisting and then eventually moving to redevelopment to sites that either precede or have real environment contamination.”
From newly elected officials to seasoned veterans, this event focuses on much more than lectures from experts. French Camp Mayor Glen Barlow said, “It’s just something that brings all of the municipal officials together to learn, to interact, you know, you learn just as much sitting outside talking as you do in a classroom.”
The event takes place through Wednesday and some officials think the conference could benefit more than just the Magnolia state. “I think this is good, not only for the state of Mississippi, but I hope that other states are doing the same thing.”