Update on Belle La Vie Property Development


With work on the Bella La Vie property development set to begin in the next few months, Woolmarket residents still have many concerns surrounding the 625 acre project.
Bob Lee’s family has lived in Woolmarket for decades. “My aunt and uncle lives there. My other aunt and uncle across the pond.”
Lee says before the community was annexed by the City of Biloxi, Woolmarket was a quiet, safe, and private place to live, but now that’s all subject to change as a 625 acre development project moves closer towards construction. “It’s going to change the way everybody lives. There’s going to be more violence, more thieveries.”
It’s what’s being called a “city within a city,” a major development in an area north of I-10 which could eventually house 14,000 residents. Recently work has started on a subdivision that ties into the Belle La Vie development. When finished, officials estimate the master planned community will be settled with more than 5,000 homes. Woolmarket resident Wayne Guillot said, “Increased traffic, more crime, people that, undesirables that you’d rather not live next to.”
Lisa Kowalksi and her husband built their house in Woolmarket from the ground up. They are concerned the development will drive down the property value of their house. “It was costly. I feel like it’s going to bring down the value of our home.”
Some city council members say the big development will benefit Biloxi in the long run. “You have 100 people saying no and you have one guy saying ‘yes, this will be really good for us.’ The city looks at it as an increased tax base,” said Guillot.
News 25 reached out to Belle La Vie developers, Pitcher Point Investments, but they were unable to comment. The project as a whole is slated to be completed in about 15 years.
Meanwhile, the city is waiting for the paperwork to start phase one and residents in the area say they’re on standby. “No plans of moving, I guess it just depends on how things go. Once they start building, we’ll take it from there,” said Kowalski.


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