07/17 Ryan’s “Wet Start” Monday Forecast


It was another wet start to the work week for South Mississippi, but we’ll finally see some drier air moving in by the weekend! For the next few days though, our usual summertime “sea breeze/daytime heating” afternoon weather pattern will persist, but will begin to weaken by Wednesday. By then, high pressure will begin to strengthen in the Southeast as an extension of the Bermuda High stretches into the area. This means clearer skies and drier air are in store from Thursday-Saturday, with plenty of sun and temperatures climbing back into the low 90s (today’s were mid-80s).

Next Monday will bring back “normal” humidity levels and cloud cover will thicken some, likely bringing our sea breeze pattern back, but it will be nice to have a few days off.

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Tropical Storm Don formed in the Atlantic this afternoon, and is expected to remain a tropical system for at least the next 2 days. By Wednesday, its expected to begin moving into an area with unfavorable shear conditions, which will likely lead to it’s weakening/dissipation. There is another disturbance right behind Don, which is expected to strengthen some over the next few days, but neither is expected to have an immediate impact on the coast at this time.