State flag flies over Ocean Springs City Hall


The Mississippi State flag is up and flying over city hall in Ocean Springs and in Pascagoula.
On his first official day as mayor of Ocean Springs, Shea Dobson raised the state flag outside of City Hall, something that has not been a tradition. He tells News 25 he made the decision to fly the flag ultimately because Ocean Springs is a city in Mississippi therefore the state flag should be up.
Dobson said unfortunately it does stir some controversy, but it has nothing to do with the design. “Unfortunately, there has been a lot of controversy regarding the flag. I think that the flag should come up for a vote, another vote and I will fly the flag if it’s changed, I will fly the flag if it’s not changed.”
It is unclear the last time when the flag has been up flying in Ocean Springs. In Pascagoula, it has not been flown in over 20 years.