[Warning: Graphic Content] Gator attack in Hancock County caught on video


It was a situation that could have turned deadly when an alligator attack sent one man to the hospital in Hancock County.
News 25 was sent video of the encounter. The content you’re about to see is graphic. Viewer discretion is advised.
This alligator attack caught on camera in Hancock County was filmed while authorities were trying to relocate the creature off Highway 603. During the process, a man was bitten and taken to the hospital. A local expert says it could have been a fatal encounter if the man wasn’t able to escape the alligator’s mouth. Gulf Coast Gator Ranch Owner Allan Adams said, “They got 220 pounds per square inch of biting power. So, generally if they get a good bite they’re going to crush bone and all. They could actually tear your arm clean off.”
Hancock County deputies tell News 25 the highway temporarily shut down by Bayou Lacroix Bridge as they tried to relocate the gator.
Adams says the bayou must have flooded during the storms a couple weeks ago, causing the gator to crawl out. “We have all this rain and all this water. It displaces the alligators so they’re able to get to places they haven’t gotten before.”
Authorities say the man bitten experienced no life threatening injuries. Adams tells News 25 there are a few scenarios increasing the risk. “If you happen to be in their territory, around a female’s nest, the female will protect her nest and that’s one time she can be pretty vicious.”
According to the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department, the alligator was about ten feet long, weighing several hundred pounds. The size is just above average for a typical wild alligator.
The good news is an alligator attack like this is rare in South Mississippi. “You have a better chance of getting struck by lightning than getting bit by an alligator. You really have to put yourself in a bad position to get bit by an alligator,” said Adams.

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