Scrapin’ the Coast participant uses car to tell the story of cancer battle


Scrapin’ the Coast is a weekend full of loud engines and low riders. For one participant their car is helping them with their battle against cancer.
Car enthusiasts revved their engines this weekend as they piled into the Mississippi Coast Coliseum for the 15th annual Scrapin’ the Coast. This year, Ann Grande drove her custom low rider from Tampa, Florida to not only enjoy the event, but to tell her powerful story. “It tells the story of what a cancer patient goes through from diagnosis to healing in regards to cancer. I myself am a stage four cancer patient, fighting metastatic melanoma. So each graphic that’s in the paint tells a piece of that story in mini trucker style of course as to what a patient goes through in their treatments and surgeries and their day to day life.”
Ann took the overwhelming feeling of being diagnosed and created something beautiful. In honor of that, she named her car ‘Conflicted Confusion.’ “One doctor appointment and my whole world went from being perfect to being chaos and that’s what conflicted story represents is the chaos that our lives represent when we are fighting cancer.”
To most of us, a car is just a car, but to Ann her car is a masterpiece and something that can get her away from everyday troubles. “This is my escape from what I have to deal with on a daily basis. When I get in my truck, that’s my vacation at any time and even if I don’t have a good day where I can drive her and all I got to do is look at these colors.”
Each color and graphic chosen by Ann represents a part of the cancer battle.

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