Fire department spreading in Biloxi


Two new fire stations are sparking interest in the City of Biloxi.
Station 7, located along Popp’s Ferry Road, is currently a small trailer, but is set for a makeover. The station will be a new battalion-size operation and replace the mobile home firefighters have operated out of for years. This location will also serve as the city’s emergency operations center.
As for a brand new station in the Woolmarket area, Station 10 will sit on old Highway 67 just east of Cedar Lake Road.
These two new locations will help firefighters increase response time, which could be the difference between life or death. Biloxi Fire Chief Joe Boney said, “The sooner we can get on a scene and introduce a patient to the EMS system, the better their odds of survival are and so we try to provide that every day and the whole community, this will allow us to provide it to the citizens of the east area of our new annexed area.”
Station 7 is expected to cost about three million dollars and could be complete towards the end of 2018. Station 10 will be about $1.5 million and be completed in early 2019.


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