Saints Kids Experience at MGM Park


This year marks the second annual Saints Hall of Fame Weekend in Biloxi. Former and current Saints came together for a weekend of fun events for fans.
Saturday was the Saints Kids Experience at MGM Park. Children were invited to come to the Shuckers stadium and do as the Saints do. The kids were put through fun challenges that mimic what actual players would do at practice.
Saints players and other Saints employees set up different stations to teach kids some fun football moves. Saints Kids Experience Participant Logan Lechner said, “You would go through something and he would throw you the ball and you got to catch it.”
Saints Youth Program Coordinator Adam Fournier said, “We just have eight stations set up. We just have a defensive back drill, a touchdown dive drill right here, sack the quarterback drill and we have two obstacle course inflatables.”
All funds made during the Saints Hall of Fame Weekend go toward the rebuilding of the Hall of Fame after the original one was destroyed during Hurricane Katrina.

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