Seniors take a walk down memory lane at Lyman Elementary


Graduation is just around the corner for high school seniors. Today the West Harrison High School graduating class took a walk down memory lane, returning to elementary and middle schools they once attended.
News 25 takes you to Lyman Elementary School as the soon-to-be graduates walked these halls one last time.
Elementary school students looked up in amazement as soon-to-be West Harrison High School graduates dressed in cap and gown walked the halls of Lyman Elementary School. Senior Isabelle Smith said, “Once you see all those little kids actually looking up to you and they just want to be you, it’s great. It makes it feel like ‘Wow, I’m grown up now, I’m actually doing this.’”
As they prepare for graduation day on May 20th, starting a new chapter in life after years in the Harrison County School District, seniors spent the day reconnecting with teachers and high-fiving the kids who are following in their footsteps. Second grader Katherine Thompson said, “I was hoping that was going to be me one day and my little brother and all my friends.”
Second grader Bruce Wooten said, “As the bigger kids walked through the hallways, it just felt cool to be seeing these kids because they’re big kids and you don’t really get to see them every day you know.”
Some of the graduating seniors describe returning to the halls they once walked as a surreal experience. “It was great to see all the faces that I knew and be in the place that I grew up,” said Smith.
Senior Darren Farris said, “Just to see how much all of us have grown and to see the faces of each of these little kids looking up to you as though they can’t wait to be in your shoes, it’s really an inspiring moment for us.”
And inspiring for these younger students who one day will follow in the same footsteps down the same halls. “I just hope that they learn to persevere through whatever comes their way and learn that hard work does pay off and just to become determined students, people who just want to go out and make the world a better place,” said Farris.


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