05/04 Ryan’s “Brisk” Thursday Night Forecast


Expect to see continuously clearing skies through the rest of the night as temperatures drop and drier air moves in. Tonight’s low will fall to around 53 degrees on the waterfront, while inland areas will cool a bit more into the upper-to-mid 40s. Winds will remain West-Northwesterly and around 10-15 mph for much of the night, but will remain light during hours immediately before sunrise. By the late morning, winds will have picked up to around 15 mph and shifted form the Northwest, rapidly increasing moisture removal. The afternoon high tomorrow will top out around 76 on the water, with inland areas near 80 and cloudless skies.

Normally, this is where I tell you what to expect with the next significant “change” in our local weather, but that doesn’t really happen in this 7 day forecast period. That said, our weather will remain largely the same until around Monday, when the high pressure center will begin moving East of the area, bringing “return flow” and therefore moisture back to the coast. Regardless of this change, the weather will remain sunny and mostly clear all the way into the weekend, with temperatures slowly rising into the mid 80s and slightly higher humidity each day.