The Cloud Effect: lifting spirits and raising awareness


Two high school students are taking negative experiences to create a positive change. News 25’s Kendra Turley introduces us to Mary Kaitlyn, Mena, and their movement called “The Cloud Effect.”
A couple of missing toes and a skin condition brought Mary Kaitlyn Jones and Mena Landry together back in kindergarten. The two were bullied over their uniqueness for years, but are now using those experiences to inspire others. “I’m not going to have someone else’s opinion affect my opinion of myself. Ever since then I’ve been trying to help people better their self-esteem like that,” said Jones.
Confident, but concerned about others, the two friends started a movement called ‘The Cloud Effect,’ where they encouraged other close friends to adopt a lifestyle of lifting spirits and raising awareness.
In this day and age, bullying isn’t just in schools but online as well and that’s exactly where Mary Kaitlyn and Mena took the movement next. They created a Facebook group that allows members to post words of encouragement and share uplifting videos and messages. “It’s a daily reminder of how much you’re worth,” said Jones
“We just want them to know that if they can’t go to anybody else they can come to us and speak to us if they need to,” said Landry.
The movement continues to grow both online and in the community. Mary Kaitlyn’s mom, Shannon Bicket, said, “I’ve had parents reach out from Alabama, Tennessee, Ohio, asking if they can implement it into their schools and tell their schools about it, although it’s not a school program.”
The two students hope that one day, like clouds, the movement will spread all across the world. “We understand what they’re going through. We’ve been through it. We just encourage them to keep going and if you need to talk, come talk to me. I’ll always be there for you,” said Landry.