Bullying concerns following suicides in the Harrison County School District


Concerns within the Harrison County School District continue to grow after two high school students take their own lives.
With both tragic incidents happening just weeks apart from each other, some parents feel bullying is to blame.
Several students are now speaking out both online and on-camera about troubling experiences at Harrison Central High School.
Parents of the most recent suicide victim at Harrison Central tell News 25 they’re still in shock at the moment, but hope to turn this tragedy into an awareness movement. Shelia Burns said, “Just talk about it. Don’t keep it bottled up. Just let them know that it is okay to speak. Nobody is going to judge you. They will help the way they can and I think that’s what most children are afraid of. They’re afraid they’re going to be judged.”
Although officials could not say much about the recent suicides, Superintendent for the Harrison County School District Roy Gill told News 25 “The district takes everything serious when it comes to the safety of every child and they are doing everything in their power to make sure all children are safe.”