What’s next for the Swingster property?


The Jackson County Board of Supervisors are taking their time determining what’s next for the Swingster property in Ocean Springs after receiving not a single bid for the vacant lot on Government Street.
Supervisor Troy Ross says they would prefer for someone to just purchase the property so they’re not throwing that idea out yet.
For now, they will focus on marketing the property by putting ads out to attempt to sell it directly, but they are considering other options such as hiring a realtor to market the property or putting out a request for proposals for potential developers. District 4 Supervisor Troy Ross said, “The realtor option, of course, is going to take off the top of what we make on it so that’s not our first option, but if it takes that to actually sell the property it may be necessary. So, it’s going to be a give and take process. Like I said, I would prefer for someone to just come in and buy it, but you can’t always have that. You can’t always get what you want and this is going to be one of those cases where we have to wait it out and see what the best deal for the county and the city is.”
Ross says they are in no rush to make a decision just yet. They just want to make sure that the option they move forward with is the right fit for Ocean Springs and the county.

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