Remembering Danny Guice


Residents all across the Coast filed into the Bradford O’Keefe Funeral Home in Biloxi this evening to say their goodbyes to Danny Guice Sr. News 25’s Kendra Turley has a look at just how much the impact the former Biloxi mayor had on the entire Gulf Coast.
As a three-term mayor of Biloxi, county court judge, and state representative, Danny Guice Sr. was a staple in the Gulf Coast community. Guice passed away on Thursday at the age of 92. Today, hundreds of people stopped to remember just how great of a leader, friend, family member, and person he really was.
“He touched so many lives. The police and fire loved him. The civil servants loved him.”
Biloxi resident Susie Hornsby-Bass said, “My mother and Mayor Guice were good friends for many, many years. He was a good mayor. He loved Biloxi. He loved Mississippi. He did a lot for our city.”
Family member Reed Guice said, “During Camille, Danny and my mother, Julia, and my father, Wade, pretty much went about rebuilding the Coast.”
“I was in the eighth grade when he first got elected to be mayor,” said Biloxi Mayor Andrew ‘FoFo’ Gilich, “I can remember for an eighth grader to say what is this whole political thing, but my parents were ecstatic about him being elected mayor.”
“Danny Guice was a real gentleman. I got to see him every few weeks. He’d stop by the office and say hi. He was moving until the very end,” said Reed Guice.
“Even the night of his passing,he had driven home himself and had spent that evening on the phone with his brother, laughing and joking.”
“We just thought he’d be there forever. We were fortunate to have him here for 90 plus years and he was 100 percent Biloxi and just part of the fabric of this town,” said Mayor Gilich.
“We knew that he loved Biloxi. He taught us to love Biloxi. We knew that this was someone that’s not going to be replaced,” said Billy Guice, Danny Guice Sr.’s nephew.
Another visitation service will be held tomorrow from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Gruich Community Center on Howard Avenue. The funeral service will follow shortly after.

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Kendra Turley was born and raised in Houston, Texas. She received a B.A. degree in Broadcast Journalism and a minor in Business from Louisiana State University. During her time at LSU, Kendra worked for the campus television station (Tiger TV) all four years as a news reporter, entertainment reporter, and entertainment anchor. In addition, she was involved in many student organizations and participated in several pageants. Kendra gained most of her reporting skills while interning with WBRZ and WAFB in Baton Rouge. She is excited to extend her stay in the south by starting her career in Gulfport-Biloxi. When she is not in the newsroom, you can find Kendra with her family, traveling with friends, cheering on the Tigers or exploring new activities in the area.


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