Bond is set for former Jackson County martial arts teacher


A $40,000 bond is set for the Ocean Springs martial arts instructor accused of sexually assaulting a juvenile.
Forty-eight year-old Allen Todd Pisarich appeared before a judge at his initial hearing this morning in Jackson County court. Pisarich is facing two sex crime charges after being arrested last week on allegations for inappropriate contact with a juvenile. Pisarich is the owner of Academy of Mixed Martial Arts and a resident of Ocean Springs.
The bond is set at $20,000 per two counts of sexual battery of a juvenile. Jackson County Sheriff Mike Ezell tells News 25 there may be more charges to come. “The sheriff’s office is still investigating the case. As always, you continue to work so you can get a complete and thorough investigation. We’ve also been advised of some additional allegations that have been made we will be following up on and there could be some more additional charges coming.”
Sheriff Ezell says the sheriff’s department started the investigation leading to Pisarich’s arrest in the fall of 2016.