Acadian and Jackson County supervisors finalize contract


Acadian Ambulance Service will stay in Jackson County for at least another four years.
This came after a 3-2 vote by county supervisors today in favor of awarding a new four year contract with Acadian. Acadian’s contract with Jackson County expired back in November in the wake of questioning in regards to Acadian’s response times.
Which was something District 3 Supervisor Ken Taylor discussed at today’s meeting, along with his recommendation to discuss authorizing negotiations with AMR Ambulance Service. Instead, the board voted to keep Acadian.
Acadian Community Relations Manager Bennie French tells News 25 they’re excited to continue providing service to Jackson County as they have over the last 17 years. “I’m not only happy for Acadian Ambulance, I’m happy for our first responders. Those are the guys that we train, they go out, we provide the equipment for them, and they do a great job. They’re the first ones there. We get there and we’ve worked very, very well with them and we’re very proud of that.”
District 5 Supervisor Randy Bosarge also voted against awarding the contract to Acadian.

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