Career Fair for graduating students at Biloxi High


This afternoon at Biloxi High School, graduating seniors and a few of the more ambitious juniors were able to check out potential career paths.
The high school opened its doors to some of the Coast’s more prominent employers, including representatives from the gaming industry, multiple branches of the military and several of the technical departments at MGCCC.
Teachers and students tell News 25 this career fair is an eye opener and can help students make decisions that will shape the life changing decisions they make after high school. Graduating senior Meredith Houston said, “It’s helping my classmates and myself a lot as we discover new careers that we didn’t know we were interested in or that we didn’t know were an opportunity for us right out of high school. I feel like many of us think that you have to go get a degree and sometimes you can do better to get on the job training and jump right into a workforce and even work your way up to management or entrepreneurship.”
These seniors should be prepared to join the workforce after they walk across the stage in May.

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