Patrolling Traffic For Spring Break Weekend


Speaking of the spring break weekend, this weekend it’s going to be all hands on deck when it comes to mitigating traffic on Highway 90.
Gulfport police have issued their traffic diversion plan for Spring Break weekend 2017, and so did Biloxi during their city council meeting.
Biloxi Police Chief John Miller tells News 25, with more events planned than previous years, he’s expecting Highway 90 and pass road to be busier than ever before.
Chief Miller says all hands will be on deck and if you don’t have to be on the roads, to stay at home.

“Every policeman in Biloxi is working so there’s not any other police man for us to call in. If we need help from other cities, we’ll call them but we’ll have everybody out, everybody working and the big emphasis early on both Friday and Saturday will be to keep traffic moving, it’s going to slow down but as long as we can keep it moving at a pretty good pace we’ll be ok. And then later in the evening we’ll start looking for trouble makers.”
– Chief John Miller Biloxi Police Department

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Chief Miller also says if you have to be out on Friday, the earlier, the better.
He expects Saturday traffic to be bumper to bumper starting around 10am.
The interstate is going to be your best bet at avoiding heavy traffic.