Sprinkle system demonstration in Biloxi


Things got heated in Biloxi today to show the importance of installing a sprinkler system inside your home.
Two model rooms were set on fire outside the Gruich Community Center, one with and one without a sprinkler system. The one without a sprinkler system was torched in just minutes and reached over 1,200 degrees. The one with the sprinkler system reached 150 degrees before water poured out and spared the room from intense flames.
Firefighters hope this serves as a lifesaving lesson to our community. Biloxi Fire Deputy Chief Vincent Payne said, “Everybody thinks it’s real expensive, but it’s really not. I’ve been in this line of work for 25 years and I have yet to see a fire death in a sprinkled building.”
This demo is part of the Mississippi Association of Public Fire Safety Educators Conference.