Fourth annual One Loud Voice Conference


Hundreds of Mississippians are gathering at the Golden Nugget this week, all trying to help children dealing with abuse.
“One Loud Voice: A Multi-Disciplinary Team Approach to Responding to Child Abuse Cases” is a conference now in its fourth year. From state law enforcement officers to mental health professionals, the conference puts everyone involved in child abuse cases in the same room.
The 450 professionals at this year’s conference strive to work in sync to help children dealing with a traumatic experience. Children’s Advocacy Centers of Mississippi Executive Director Karla Tye said, “The child has had this very traumatic event happen to them. We don’t want the child to have to relive and re-tell the events of that abuse over and over and over. They may have to tell law enforcement the details the abuse, tell child protective services, their mental health provider, their prosecutor. We want the professionals coming in together, working together in sync during the investigation so that the child isn’t being re-traumatized by the system.”
The conference runs through Thursday.