What’s next for the Centennial Plaza property?


The big party has come to an end, but the fun is far from over at Centennial Plaza according to Gulfport development officials.
The Gulfport Redevelopment Commission discussed what’s ahead for the property during their monthly meeting today. Plans on the drawing board include hotel development, restaurants, offices and also possible residential buildings.
City development officials tell News 25 the big bicentennial celebration over the weekend captured the vision of what the commission wants to see at the property. Carole Lynn Meadows with the Gulfport Redevelopment Commission said, “That was our first chance to really show what can really be at Centennial Plaza. It’s just a matter of putting all of the pieces together, dotting the Is and crossing the Ts, of the development plan, the construction plan and the developers working all together so that’s the process we are in.”
Although plans aren’t set in stone yet, redevelopment commission officials say whatever becomes of the property, it will be open to the public.


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