Bicentennial Celebration Appreciation


Mississippi’s Bicentennial Celebration South was a huge success. Today, the people who helped put it on enjoyed good old southern cooking in appreciation for their hard work.
Organizers say they wouldn’t have been able to do it without all these people who worked behind the scenes to make the party come to life. Today, city workers, county workers, and volunteers who worked to put on the show were treated to a luncheon at Centennial Plaza.
Bicentennial Celebration South Chairman George Schloegel said, “We had about 25,000 people who came through. We did not have a single incident, not a single incident, to worry about all because of the preparation of these good people you see here today.”
Assistant to the Mayor in Gulfport Rebecca Kajdan said, “Everybody we called immediately said ‘what can I do to help?’ and we have so many corporate partners in our community that just said ‘we’re here to help,’ but our city workers, our county workers, our volunteers, they worked tirelessly to put this on and we’re just so proud of them.”
Mississippi’s Bicentennial Celebration South attracted about 25,000 people to Gulfport this past weekend.