Black Spring Break Preparations


Each year, college students come from all over the south to Biloxi for parties and other events during Mississippi Spring Break Weekend.
News 25’s Kendra Turley gives us a preview of what tourists and locals can expect starting Friday.
From contests to beach parties, the Gulf Coast will soon be the hot spot for over 30,000 spring breakers. This weekend marks the 10th anniversary of Mississippi Spring Break Weekend hosted by Splash Life Booking. Event organizer Dollah Dae said, “Well we got a beautiful beach. We have casinos. We got really, really good food and now we got MGM Park which is like going to be our new hub of indoor, outdoor stuff that we can do here in Biloxi.”
Splash Life hopes to draw in more people than ever before with its Spring Break Explosion concert at MGM Park. The event features up-and-coming artists as well as big name artists like headliner Lil Uzi Vert. Tim Bennett with Overtime Sports said, “When you look at the reason the city built this facility, it wasn’t just for baseball. It was for professional baseball first and foremost, but second to that, high school baseball, college baseball, car shows, camps, concerts.”
With thousands of spring breakers staying multiple days on the Coast, MGM Park won’t be the only venue benefiting from the large crowd. Hotels, restaurants, and surrounding bars, like Bacchus, are already preparing for the boost of business. Bacchus Bar Manager Angie Lee said, “People are so friendly here. It’s such a melting pot of people with the military base and the casinos. I really think it’s so diverse here that it’s attractive.”
With a widespread group of entertainers, DJs, and musical performers lined up for the Explosion, organizers hope to create a show unlike anything the Gulf Coast has ever seen.